What if there was an app that let you date holiday characters, and they were all awful? 

In this prototype you can:

  • Browse profiles of holiday creeps
  • Read their bios
  • Receive their gifts and messages
  • GO ON ACTUAL DATES WITH THEM (like you can walk around and adventure)
  • Find out what your future is together
  • Be judged a little bit

To play on PC, click in game window (or press fullscreen button) and use arrow keys to march avatar around screen, or use mouse to click where you want the avatar to go.

On mobile, swipe the avatar in the direction you want to move.

Created with Bitsy Editor.

Feel free to share your thoughts. This project was made with a lot of lo-- mixed feelings.

Merry Trashmas, and be careful out there :-)

-- Jill


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omg this is hilarious! this was great xD


Thanks again! Glad you liked it.

I am SO MAD at how much of a jerk bunbun is! But really I loved this. 

This was cute.